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Benevenit in li Trincatoria. Ples haver un trinc de ananas, sin alcohol.
Abbreviation: WP:LT.
English: Interlingue/Occidental:
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Updating the logo for this wiki[modificar | redacter fonte]

New logo

Hello! As part of the update of Wikipedias logos to the new (2010) 3D puzzle globe version, we have noticed that your wiki's current logo is missing, outdated or with wrong translation. We are trying to help Wikipedias get a locally-adapted correct logo, by taking the technical difficulties on us, and in about a week from now we'll be replacing the current logo with the new one shown in this gallery, with explanation. If the translation is wrong, or there's another error in the new logo, or the community disagrees with the update, please update the list of logos or tell us on its talk page. Feel free to translate this message and to move/copy/forward it where appropriate. Thanks, Nemo 13:01, 27 may 2013 (UTC) (Distributed via Global message delivery: wrong page? correct the list of targets.)

Trademark discussion[modificar | redacter fonte]

Hi, apologies for posting this in English, but I wanted to alert your community to a discussion on Meta about potential changes to the Wikimedia Trademark Policy. Please translate this statement if you can. We hope that you will all participate in the discussion; we also welcome translations of the legal team’s statement into as many languages as possible and encourage you to voice your thoughts there. Please see the Trademark practices discussion (on Meta-Wiki) for more information. Thank you! --Mdennis (WMF) (talk)

Free Research Accounts from Leading Medical Publisher. Come and Sign up![modificar | redacter fonte]

The Wikipedia Library gets Wikipedia editors free access to reliable sources that are behind paywalls. I want to alert you to our latest donation.

  • Cochrane Collaboration is an independent medical nonprofit organization that conducts systematic reviews of randomized controlled trials of health-care interventions, which it then publishes in the Cochrane Library.
  • Cochrane has generously agreed to give free, full-access accounts to medical editors. Individual access would otherwise cost between $300 and $800 per account.
  • If you are active as a medical editor, come and sign up :)

Cheers, Ocaasi 21:07, 16 junio 2013 (UTC)

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Cochrane Library Sign-up (correct link)[modificar | redacter fonte]

My apologies for the incorrect link: You can sign up for Cochrane Collaboration accounts at the COCHRANE sign-up page. Cheers, Ocaasi 21:42, 16 junio 2013 (UTC)

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X!'s Edit Counter[modificar | redacter fonte]

Universal Language Selector will be enabled on 2013-07-09[modificar | redacter fonte]

Pywikipedia is migrating to git[modificar | redacter fonte]

Hello, Sorry for English but It's very important for bot operators so I hope someone translates this. Pywikipedia is migrating to Git so after July 26, SVN checkouts won't be updated If you're using Pywikipedia you have to switch to git, otherwise you will use out-dated framework and your bot might not work properly. There is a manual for doing that and a blog post explaining about this change in non-technical language. If you have question feel free to ask in mw:Manual talk:Pywikipediabot/Gerrit, mailing list, or in the IRC channel. Best Amir (via Global message delivery). 13:20, 23 julí 2013 (UTC)

VisualEditor and your Wikipedia[modificar | redacter fonte]

(Please translate this message)


The Wikimedia Foundation will soon turn on VisualEditor for all users, all the time on your Wikipedia. Right now your Wikipedia does not have any local documents on VisualEditor, and we hope that your community can change that. To find out about how you can help with translations visit the TranslationCentral for VisualEditor and read the easy instructions on bringing information to your Wikipedia. The User Guide and the FAQ are very important to have in your language.

We want to find out as much as we can from you about VisualEditor and how it helps your Wikipedia, and having local pages is a great way to start. We also encourage you to leave feedback on Mediawiki where the community can offer ideas, opinions, and point out bugs that may still exist in the software that need to be reported to Bugzilla. If you are able to speak for the concerns of others in English on MediaWiki or locally I encourage you to help your community to be represented in this process.

If you can help translate the user interface for VisualEditor to your language, you can help with that as well. Translatewiki has open tasks for translating VisualEditor. A direct link to translate the user interface is here. You can see how we are doing with those translations here. You need an account on Translatewiki to translate. This account is free and easy to create.

If we can help your community in any way with this process, please let me know and I will do my best to assist your Wikipedia with this |exciting development. You can contact me on my meta talk page or by email. You can also contact Patrick Earley for help with translations and documents on Mediawiki. We look forward to working with you to bring the VisualEditor experience to your Wikipedia! Keegan (WMF) (talk) 19:04, 30 julí 2013 (UTC)

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Proposal for closure of the Interlingue Wikibooks[modificar | redacter fonte]

Sorry for using English, but the Interlingue Wikibooks is being proposed for closure. The discussion is taking place here. TCN7JM (talk) 04:11, 31 julí 2013 (UTC)

HTTPS for users with an account[modificar | redacter fonte]

Greetings. Starting on August 21 (tomorrow), all users with an account will be using HTTPS to access Wikimedia sites. HTTPS brings better security and improves your privacy. More information is available at m:HTTPS.

If HTTPS causes problems for you, tell us on bugzilla, on IRC (in the #wikimedia-operations channel) or on meta. If you can't use the other methods, you can also send an e-mail to

Greg Grossmeier (via the Global message delivery system). 19:13, 20 august 2013 (UTC) (wrong page? You can fix it.)

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Notifications[modificar | redacter fonte]

Notifications inform you of new activity that affects you -- and let you take quick action.

(This message is in English, please translate as needed)


Notifications will inform users about new activity that affects them on this wiki in a unified way: for example, this new tool will let you know when you have new talk page messages, edit reverts, mentions or links -- and is designed to augment (rather than replace) the watchlist. The Wikimedia Foundation's editor engagement team developed this tool (code-named 'Echo') earlier this year, to help users contribute more productively to MediaWiki projects.

We're now getting ready to bring Notifications to almost all other Wikimedia sites, and are aiming for a 22 October deployment, as outlined in this release plan. It is important that notifications is translated for all of the languages we serve.

There are three major points of translation needed to be either done or checked:

Please let us know if you have any questions, suggestions or comments about this new tool. For more information, visit this project hub and this help page. Keegan (WMF) (talk) 18:42, 4 octobre 2013 (UTC)

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Speak up about the trademark registration of the Community logo.[modificar | redacter fonte]

Li Trincatoria[modificar | redacter fonte]

I have archived old messages on this page, since it had allready become quite long. I also added interwikilinks via Wikidata, which was missing.

I have thought a bit about it though.. Does "trincatoria" mean what I think it means, like a pub? Is that a suitable name for a neutral discussion page for everyone? Not all people drink alcohol, is what I'm thinking about. And should it btw be Li Trincatoria with un grand T? Es ti necessesi? (Is it an anglicism?) The rules for when using large and small letters differs quite a lot among languages, hence the question.

Sorry for writing a lot in Enlish, but my Occidental knowledge is still minimal, and I hope it is okay that we are multilingual here, as long as it's for the benefit of this project (and, ie/Occidental). flinga (talk) 11:23, 2 novembre 2013 (UTC)

I do hope this is supposed to be the Village pump-thingy :) Looks like it to me. flinga (talk) 00:14, 4 novembre 2013 (UTC)

Introducting Beta Features[modificar | redacter fonte]

(Apologies for writing in English. Please translate if necessary)

We would like to let you know about Beta Features, a new program from the Wikimedia Foundation that lets you try out new features before they are released for everyone.

Think of it as a digital laboratory where community members can preview upcoming software and give feedback to help improve them. This special preference page lets designers and engineers experiment with new features on a broad scale, but in a way that's not disruptive.

Beta Features is now ready for testing on It will also be released on Wikimedia Commons and MetaWiki this Thursday, 7 November. Based on test results, the plan is to release it on all wikis worldwide on 21 November, 2013.

Here are the first features you can test this week:

Would you like to try out Beta Features now? After you log in on, a small 'Beta' link will appear next to your 'Preferences'. Click on it to see features you can test, check the ones you want, then click 'Save'. Learn more on the Beta Features page.

After you've tested Beta Features, please let the developers know what you think on this discussion page -- or report any bugs here on Bugzilla. You're also welcome to join this IRC office hours chat on Friday, 8 November at 18:30 UTC.

Beta Features was developed by the Wikimedia Foundation's Design, Multimedia and VisualEditor teams. Along with other developers, they will be adding new features to this experimental program every few weeks. They are very grateful to all the community members who helped create this project — and look forward to many more productive collaborations in the future.

Enjoy, and don't forget to let developers know what you think! Keegan (WMF) (talk) 20:04, 5 novembre 2013 (UTC)

Distributed via Global message delivery (wrong page? Correct it here), 20:04, 5 novembre 2013 (UTC)

Some ideas[modificar | redacter fonte]

I have some suggestions about small things I think should be changed here, that I cannot do by myself, and that might need further discussion:

  • Wikipedia:Eventus current and Wikipedia:Auxilie is empty. Those links should therefore IMO either be removed from the top left menu, or get some content. If eventus current are current events, some kind of news of the world-thingy, I think we can safely put it to rest until that day that we get a lot of contributors. Otherwise nothing will happen there.
  • Wikipedia:Li Trincatoria, this page, should be added to the same menu, since it is the most central page of the Wikipedia project (normally). It's good if we can keep the activities and discussions on this project collected in as few places as possible,
  • File uploading means a lot of administration, and there are a lot of issues regarding copyrighted material, wich is not legal to host without permission. This Wikipedia is a small project with not a lot of resources. Therefore I propose that local file uploading should be turned off here, and all media files handled through Wikimedia commons.

Sorry for posting in English, but my Interlingue/Occidental is still very (very) rudimentary. I hope we can make it okay for all contributors to write in the most useful language they can here in li trincatoria, to enable as much parttaking as possible. (There are of course no guarantees that the other participants will understand any given language, but still). flinga (talk) 14:27, 11 novembre 2013 (UTC)

Current eventus: Lass nos interrar les.
Auxilie: Yo besona ti auxilie, ma ne posse dar it. -_-'
Trincatoria: Collecter discussiones in un loc es un bon idé. Dunc un permanent ligament vell esser practic.
Pri dossieres: Till nu ti Wikipedia ne ha experientiat problemas con copyright. Yo vell procrastinar un decision.
English - the most useful language. -- Pardon?
--Sebastian (talk) 17:10, 11 novembre 2013 (UTC)
Ah.. a quick answer, regarding "useful language"; I meant that if one doesn't speak Interlingue one could try posting in another language, the one of those that the person in question speaks, that it also thinks has the best chance of being understood by others. This could very well be Spanish, Dutch, Arabic, German, Russian or something else, but there could of course never be any guarantee that others will understand you. I just meant that if I only speak Crimean Gothic and Polish, for example, Polish will probably be the most useful language for trying to communicate with others. But one can have different ideas about this, of course.
I have to say about the file uploading, that as far as I know it isn't harder or anything like that to upload files on commons. Plus that it has the benefit of making the file available also for every other language version of Wikipedia (and the other projects of the foundation, I think). 22:20, 12 novembre 2013 (UTC)
The above was posted by me, who apparently forgot to log in. flinga (talk) 22:52, 12 novembre 2013 (UTC)
Saluta, Flinga. Tu sembla saver plu mult quam yo pri li intern structuras del Wikipedia. Si yo comprendet correctmen la págine pri li activ usatores, in ti-ci moment existe quar activ usatores: Valodnieks, tu, Ieflicca e yo. Qui posse far administratori changes? Quel functionarios existe in tot in ti Wikipedia? Quem yo posse questionar? --Sebastian (talk) 14:05, 13 novembre 2013 (UTC)
Saluta Sebastian :) Ti-ta es circa correct (yo vide anc Delusion23, por exemple). Vide anc Wikipedia:Administratores, e statistica de Wikipedia (septembre, ne minim li division "Wikipedians").
Otherwise, I don't actually know.. as far as I know no-one active here are administrator (and the inactive accounts - I don't know if they have, or in that case, still should have administrator status). There is a link to make requests from the Administratores page above. If someone of us wants to be administrator that's great, otherwise we propably could find somebody engaged from another language.. This person basically just needs to do what we ask, on some regular basis (I don't think it would be needed so very often). What do you others feel, are there anybody who wants to be an administrator? flinga (talk) 11:34, 14 novembre 2013 (UTC)
Yo justli ha contactat Jmb per su anglés págine. --Sebastiano (talk) 20:23, 14 novembre 2013 (UTC)
Halló! Advere yo es un administrator ci. Antey, un administrator posset far mult, ma nu, hay un plu alt rang: "burocrate". Yo antey posset far omnicós, quo un burocrate nu posse far, ma in presente mi capabilitás es limitat. Secun quo yo save, hay null burocrate por ti ci wikipedia; dunc on vell dever petir auxilie de alquí che Wikimedia pri "burocratic" functiones. Yo es pret auxiliar un poc si yo posse, ma yo es alquant occupat in presente, dunc it vell esser preferibil que un altri activ usator peti li rang de burocrate o administrator del "autorités" che Wikimedia. Amicalmen, Jmb (talk) 15:56, 16 novembre 2013 (UTC)

Auxilie e ressurses[modificar | redacter fonte]

Based on the above, some help section would perhaps be good. (I could write a basic one, but in (my far from perfect) English, so in that case it would need to be translated). I feel that we could have a short text in the front page as well, like the one on ia: that tells you how to start, and to add a proof-reading template if you are unsure when it comes to the language - I find this to be a very handy thing to have.

In order to keep things together, we could perhaps have the help in the same page as the resources that are listed in Wikipedia:Págine del comunité; perhaps in that page, or both under Wikipedia:Auxilie? Págine del Comunité could be stripped of off a lot of dead and/or irrelevant links (or be archived as a historic and not active page, perhaps). (This is also a response to Sebastians question on usator discussion:Valodnieks talk page; I think "un central loc, u trova-se ligas a (presc) omni material existent pri Interlingue" naturally is an excellent idea). flinga (talk) 12:05, 14 novembre 2013 (UTC)

Breve bande?[modificar | redacter fonte]

Yo ha creat un "breve bande" (?) a ti-ci pagine: WP:LT. This means that we only need to do a search for wp:lt to come to this page, or likewise use it as a link. This should be noted at least at the top of this page, like: "Shortcut: WP:LT" or something similar, but I would need a decent translation of this :) flinga (talk) 11:45, 14 novembre 2013 (UTC)

a(b)breviation ;) -- 19:45, 14 novembre 2013 (UTC)
Ah, e anc possibil: a(c)curtation, siyil(l), a(b)breviatur(a), a(c)curtatur(a) e forsan ancor altri -- 19:49, 14 novembre 2013 (UTC)
Mercí! It es tre bon. flinga (talk) 20:42, 14 novembre 2013 (UTC) (corectet de flinga 17 nov. 13)
(I don't know why I wrote "trincator" ;) I mean, I looked it up even before.. my mind must have slipped ;)). By the way: does anyone know if perhaps are any other dictionarys available (via the Internet) than the Kemp and Pope one? flinga (talk) 22:30, 14 novembre 2013 (UTC)
Ples vider li págine de Sergey Belitzky [1] sur li págine del IU [2] yo ha nominat anc li grandissim lexico de sr Plavec e un traduction de it a esperanto. (Proque Sergey ne plu es activ por Occidental, it vell esser bon, storar su dossieres localmen. Un version del Radicarium directiv es trovabil anc sur [3]) --Sebastian (talk) 07:13, 15 novembre 2013 (UTC)
Mercí denov! flinga (talk) 17:47, 17 novembre 2013 (UTC)
E nu es un micri errore in wp:lt corectet, talmen nu ambi li abbrivationes WP:LT e wp:lt functionar (?), quam it es expectat. (I couldn't find 'shall' in my word list :p). flinga (talk) 16:35, 20 novembre 2013 (UTC)
"both short cuts should work"? Forsan: "yo espera, que nu ambi abbreviationes functiona quam expectat" o "nu ambi abbreviationes [vell dever|deve] functionar quam expectat". --Sebastian (talk) 20:33, 20 novembre 2013 (UTC)
Mercí por responder a un incomprensibil question :) It's not important, but to explain I was thinking along the lines of " it should be" (instead of "which is expected"). "Quam it vell esser"? Not sure if this sounds "normative" enough :) (I think of "vell esser" like "will be"). flinga (talk) 17:38, 21 novembre 2013 (UTC)
"vell esser" => "would be". "As it should be" => "quam it [vell dever|deve] esser". Ma li traduction "quam expectat" sona plu bon. O "quam intentionat". "Should" normally should be translated with "vell dever" o plu bon simplicmen per "deve", yo pensa. --Sebastian (talk) 21:11, 22 novembre 2013 (UTC)
Ah, yo comprende :) It esset traductet quam "to be obliged to", e "ought" (vell dever) in li dictionarium de Kemp e Pope. Mercí. flinga (talk) 11:36, 26 novembre 2013 (UTC)

Rubi Principal cathegories[modificar | redacter fonte]

Sur li Principal págine trova se un bell tabelle del principal cathegories. Ma regretabilmen mult ligamentes es rubi, ja de mult annus. E yo ne save, quo significa mani ex illi:

  • sercha?
  • consultation?
  • old principal págine?
  • credenties?
  • Communitá?
  • demander information?

Si nequí va protestar, yo va deleer ti ligamentes. --Sebastian (talk) 21:46, 15 novembre 2013 (UTC)

No, this could probably be tidied up a bit (and I have further ideas about tidying up). When it comes to credenties (faiths, beliefs?), it might be a topic we should actually have, and in that case it would be an article that we should perhaps have. Otherwise I can't think of any objection. And I think that often less is more, as one says.
I also see that the front page has been modified. It's looking good, and the new logo is also good (and probably more formally correct than the one before, I have learned), but... "Minu es plu", ma yo pensa quo mi ide con li lignas a li articules a altri linguas esset un bon ide :) In any case, I think it might be good to have some good introductory help to get started, in the front page. iawp has a text describing that if you are shaky in the language, you can add a language-check-template to your contributions, that is a really good thing to have, I think (so that others may check the language later). Will get back to this. flinga (talk) 13:14, 16 novembre 2013 (UTC)
Yes, yo ne es contra ti categories, ma yo ne save, quo significa credentie apu religion. Si tu (o un altri person) save, quo it es e scri un articul, yo vell esser injoyat. Yo pensat, que -- proque ti ligamentes sta rubi ja de mult annus -- nequí save, per quel contenete furnir un articul.
Pro li principal págine: Yo regardat li principal págines de alquel altri micri Wikipedias. Specialmen bon placet me li principal págines del Cornic Wikipedia o del saterfrisic Wikipedia. Forsan noi posse prender tis quam styl-exemple? Si on crea micri buxes, on posse addir un bux con ligamentes a Occidental-articules in omni altri lingues. :)
Yes, un language check template es un bon cose. Sur li latin Wikipedia on have un systema por indicar anc to, que un págine ha esset lingualmen controllat. -- 22:32, 17 novembre 2013 (UTC)
By principle I think that red links to actual articles, that should be included, should be left, in general. But in any case it is not a big deal, it's just one link and it can be undone.
First of all, I'm a lot for keeping things basic, simple and standard :) With that said, I have to say I like the Cornic one (yo anc ama li principal pagine de Cornic Wikipedia); it's calm, very uncluttery and good-looking (and perhaps also modern...). Ti-ta posse va execute (?). It can be done, it's mostly a question about copying the code from their page. But when it comes to the right field, I'd say we perhaps should have some more static content (or it will probably be rather static, but it should not give the impression of needing updates too often, since this might be forgotten further on). (As it happens, I recently saw a discussion about front pages, and it seems like they've taken some of their style from frwp - wich in its turn took its icons from svwp :). It es anc agreabil.) flinga (talk) 11:39, 18 novembre 2013 (UTC)
Li cornic Wikipedia usa style-templates. Esque tu save, u on trova les e u on posse metter les in li Interlingue-Wikipedia? --Sebastian (talk) 16:26, 18 novembre 2013 (UTC)
Ah, oh, sorry.. It was of course a little bit more complicated than I first realised. Looking at the actual source code (not the one we usually edit) it seems to be called vector, or at least be the file associated with the vector style (the url I found: [4]) (not the normal vector style, it must be a modification in that case). I can't seem to find that, but I can try to find out by asking elsewhere :) 10:59, 19 novembre 2013 (UTC)
Annoyingly easy to forget to log in when you have different/conflicting accounts. The above was me.
From yesterday, had to go so I hadn't the time to quite finish this sentence: I also think, ideally, that the págine principal should contain (the slogan) "the free encyclopedia" as a description somewhere. (And perhaps, in the name of neutrality, also spell out that it is Wikipedie in ie/occ; but on the other hand this is already evident, even if not mentioned explicitly). Just to communicate the ideals behind the project. But there is no hurry and I think it's fine as it is, so..
I saw the interwiki-links are back again. They are perhaps not a "must" logically, but now they look tidy and less cluttery :) (and may at the same time be of some use, I know that when I enter a new wikipedia I always try to find information about the language, if I don't know it beforehand. flinga (talk) 11:58, 19 novembre 2013 (UTC)
This is what I've found so far. Our corresponding page are currently emptied. flinga (talk) 22:56, 19 novembre 2013 (UTC)
I cleaned it up a bit today, and found the "old págine principal". It was under X previously (wrong namespace), moved (and the redirect deleted), and can now be found under Wikipedia:X. Imho it's almost better than the front page was earlier this year.
I'm a bit sceptic about the whole template, I'm not sure it's necessary to have it directly on the front page, and also not esthetically pleasing. Therfore I haven't cared too much about it :) Like many other meta pages here it contained lots (sometimes loads) of links to pages that I think we never really will have any use for, be able to update and care for, or even create.
Just to jot it down somewhere: I think that it would be useful with a link to this page (edit: ie, li trincatoria) in the left column, wich I think an admin could fix. (And as said before, Eventus current should probably be deleted).
I've also seen the eminent page Auxilie:Prim passus. The Auxilie:Auxilie page is quite empty, and it's easier with just one page, so I would like to merge them. (Wich would be the best name of a single help page?) flinga (talk) 10:40, 28 novembre 2013 (UTC)
Yo pensa, que "Auxilie:Auxilie" posse esser un págine con referenties a divers auxiliari informationes. "Unesim passus" posse esser un de ti sub-págines. --Sebastian (talk) 18:22, 28 novembre 2013 (UTC)
Yes, yo posse consertir a ti, it vell esser bon, ma... yo ne pensa que it es necessi til noi have mult pagines auxilie(?) :) Yo ha pensat que li materiale pri interwiki-referientias posse va addir a li prim passus, ma fórsan ne(?)... (Noi ne deve, naturalmen :)). flinga (talk) 10:57, 30 novembre 2013 (UTC)
Yes, tu es rect. Actualmen noi ne have beson de mult divers auxiliari págines. Yo comensat li «prim passus» solmen proque un liga a ili ja existet in li «principal categories». Yo traducte li textu del german Wikipedia. Anc yo pensa, que li materiale pri interwiki-referenties posse trovar un loc in li prim passus. --Sebastian (talk) 12:40, 30 novembre 2013 (UTC)

VisualEditor coming to this wiki[modificar | redacter fonte]

Hello. Please excuse the English. I would be grateful if you can translate this message!

VisualEditor is coming to this project on December 2, 2013. VisualEditor is software in development to allow people to edit pages in MediaWiki without needing to learn wikitext syntax (like typing [[ to start a link). It is already available and in use on some Wikipedia projects. Please see mw:Help:VisualEditor/FAQ for more information.

When this software arrives, you will have the option to use it or to use the current wikitext editor. When you press “edit”, you will get the new VisualEditor software. To use the wikitext editor, you can press “edit source”. For more information about how to use VisualEditor, see mw:Help:VisualEditor/User guide.

We hope that this software will be useful to people in your community, and we can really use your help to make it better! Please let us know if you find any problems. If you're willing and able, please report the issue in bugzilla in the "VisualEditor" product. If you would prefer not, please explain the issue you found on the central feedback page on Once VisualEditor is made available, if there are any urgent problems, like an unexpected bug suddenly causing widespread severe problems, please e-mail James Forrester, the Product Manager, at for immediate attention.

We would also appreciate help with translation with the pages about VisualEditor here and on, and its user interface. To translate the user interface, start by creating an account at TranslateWiki. Once your account request is approved, all you need to do is select your language from this list. This will give you a list of individual lines and paragraphs. The English original will be on one side, with the option to “edit” on the other. Pressing “edit” will open an edit window where you can work.

The User Guide is another important document. To translate this, simply go to the page, and select “translate this page”. Your language should be available from the drop-down menu on the right. If you want to help with translations and would like to talk about how, please leave a message for me on my talk page.

Thank you, and happy editing! -- Keegan (WMF) (talk) 01:39, 17 novembre 2013 (UTC)

Call for comments on draft trademark policy[modificar | redacter fonte]

Por Valodnieks quam administrator![modificar | redacter fonte]

Yo trovat divers informationes pri to, qui es administrator in li ie-Wikipedia:

Si yo ha comprendet correctmen, Valodnieks ha esset un temporari administrator, ma actualmen noi have quam administratores Dana e Jmb. Ambi es ínactiv in li ie-Wikipedia; Dana es mem totalmen ínactiv e ínattin’ibil.

Noi have null burocrat. Por micri projectes un steward posse transprender li functiones de un burocrat, ma almen un activ administrator es necessi ci, (forsan mem un burocrat e un additional administrator).

Ergo: Yo proposi Valodnieks quam regulari administrator e li deletion del administrator-statu de Dana pro long ínactivitá.

--Sebastian (talk) 21:33, 20 novembre 2013 (UTC)

It seems to that Valodnieks is the person who has been the most active user here for a long time, and this I think would make him the most suitable candidate for being an administrator. It also somehow then would not be more than fair. I'll have to reserve myself for not knowing a lot of details of Valodnieks edits, but with that said I would support the above. (I really don't mean to sound negative; on the contrary it seems that Valodnieks is the one that has kept this Wikipedia going in the recent years).
I aslo support the removal of administrative rights when it comes to the user Dana. These can be re-added when/if needed. From some kind of security it seems reasonable not to have administrative rights for inactive users.
One other thought is if there should be some kind of limitation or regulation of the administrative rights. In my primary/first "home"-Wikipedia-project we/they have a system with regular votings to ensure that the current administrators have the other users trust. Now this is such a small project, but still.. I don't know really whats the normal way of doing things would be. (I guess the worst case scenario would be an administrator deleting the whole content, wich then could be undeleted, or perhaps more sinister: scewing the content or making it false in some way...). I suppose this might be "peer-regulated" as everything else here. (Sorry again for all the english..). flinga (talk) 15:58, 21 novembre 2013 (UTC)
I answer in English so that most people understand. Thank you for the proposal as Administrator of the Interlingue-Wikipedia. I was once a tempory administrator of the Interlingue-Wikipedia, but at that time we did not have a real community, so that we could make a vote. It would be an honour for me to become the administrator of the Wikipedia. So I want to be a candidate as Administrator. The other administrators of this Wikipedie have disappeared several years ago. Valodnieks (talk) 18:15, 22 novembre 2013 (UTC)

@flinga: "I don't know really whats the normal way of doing things would be." On the page meta:Administrator I read: «Some wiki sites may not even have adopted written policies for administrators or candidates for adminship. This is usually due to limited number of users and activities. … All "administrative" actions are logged and reversible by any other administrator.» Li wiki-communité de Interlingue es tre micri. Actualmen noi ne besona formalisat candidaturas o electiones. Si noi concordia in to, que Valodnieks mey esser administrator, to sufice, e yo posse petir un steward, que il mey promoer Valodnieks al posto de un administrator. Yo supposi, que un administrator posse changear anc li standard-referenties in li levul látere e for-streccar p. ex. li referentie «Eventus current», quel ya es superflú. --Sebastian (talk) 21:26, 22 novembre 2013 (UTC)

It vell esser bon si ti Wikipedia recive un ver administrator. Anc sur li titul-págine hay mult categories queles es superflú. Ma yo ne es cert pri li procedura del votation. Ieflicca (talk) 09:53, 24 novembre 2013 (UTC)

It seems like its my turn to give an opinion.. :) In my opinion I think we should go ahead with this. I don't really think that I am one who should judge (that much), since I have only been active here for such a short while. And yes, we may not yet need any further regulations regarding the rights of administrators. If something sometime would go wrong, I suppose that anyone could contact a steward on meta. Bon salutes, flinga (talk) 13:29, 24 novembre 2013 (UTC)

Vide: m:Steward_requests/Permissions#Valodnieks.40ie.wikipedia --Sebastian (talk) 00:22, 30 novembre 2013 (UTC)

closing as successful application for admin rights Billinghurst (talk) 01:02, 30 novembre 2013 (UTC)
Gratular, Valodnieks! :) Nu noi have un nov administrator. flinga (talk) 10:32, 30 novembre 2013 (UTC)
Anc yo gratula! It sembla, que noi deve installar un chron-job, por regularimen renovar li administrator-statu. ;) --Sebastian (talk) 12:04, 30 novembre 2013 (UTC)
Mersí pro vor activitás e li votation. Por realisar ti tache efectivmem yo besona vor ambi auxilie. Valodnieks (talk) 18:18, 9 decembre 2013 (UTC)
If noone disagrees, I'll move this to the discussion page of Wikipedia:Administratores (and leave a note here), for easier future reference. flinga (talk) 12:43, 16 decembre 2013 (UTC)

Un nov avise[modificar | redacter fonte]

Yo ha creat un avise (o duo avises) por controlar de lingue. Yo crede ti es un plu bon ressurse, ne adminim por nov usatores quam es aprentises (quam mi), o pro altri cosas. I believe this could be a very good resource for new contributors that is learning the language (like myself). It could be mentioned as a resource in the front page, like in iawp, or in a (starter) help. It is also a good tool in general, enabling marking of articles which are linguistically dubious, and adding them to their own category.

Yo ha creat duo propositiones. Ironic, ili necessimen traduction (and perhaps rephrasing).. e noi besonas decider quel nos deve usar.

{{Avise:Control de lingua}}

(How do I really say "I think that it is.."? And "wich to use"? I might be messing things up). flinga (talk) 12:29, 26 novembre 2013 (UTC)

"I think that it is …" ==> Yo pensa, que it es … max effectiv, leer mult textus in Occidental por internalisar li just maniere de expression. ;)
"which to use" – yo ne comprende ti frase. -_-'
Quel version tu proposi usar? (Yo time, que on deve metter ti avise al majorité del págines. ;) Yo vell preferer li version sin grafica, ma sin Nota:. --Sebastian (talk) 15:13, 26 novembre 2013 (UTC)
I liked them both :) Visually I also liked the version without the grafics best, perhaps, as well. The image may make it more consequent in comparision with other wp-projects, though, and thus easier to understand, maybe.. but I don't know how spread that image are, in other wp-versions, so it might not matter much at all. It can always be changed and reverted, so I took the second one and launched it to the avise: namespace (i.e. moved it from my user-page, not withiout hassle, but still ;)). For those who wants to look at both versions, it can be done here .
"Nota" was not a necessary feature, but one could, if we wish, have a place for a message, wich would be shown with "Nota: [message]" if there is one, and not else. If we would like that. It is not necessary since one still can leave a message 1) in the template after a |-sign 2) in the comment when adding the temlate 3) on the discussion page (etc). I deleted it for now.
We also could need a name for a category, to put these articles that should be controlled, in. Then it's just to add that category in the template, and all the articles will be put there as well :) (alternatively, the articles can also be reached via the "Ligat págines" ("what links here")-function).
("Yo time, que on deve metter ti avise al majorité del págines" - haha :)). (What I meant was "and we need to decide wich one to use"; I was missing the "to" word there... Thank you for your help!). flinga (talk) 14:10, 28 novembre 2013 (UTC)
(Yes, I do realise that avise:Control de lingua may not be a correct name, but this can also be changed at any time). flinga (talk) 15:39, 28 novembre 2013 (UTC)

"and we need to decide wich one to use" => quo tu vell dir in svedés?

"control de lingua" ne es fals. Yo vell preferer ne addir li desinentie "-a" a "lingu-". Li signification de "-a" es: por differentiar li feminin sexu in casu de necessitá: un germano/un germana, amíco/amíca, cavallo/cavalla, gallino(tupp)/gallina(höna). In altri paroles li final vocal -o indica lu special, durantque -a indica lu general, collectiv, anc loc e témpor: rosiero (rosbuske), rosiera (rosgården), barberia (barber shop), auditoria (lecture hall), imperia (rik) etc. --Sebastian (talk) 19:44, 28 novembre 2013 (UTC)

PS: "The language of this article may need proof-reading or corrections. When you are sure that the language is correct, you can remove this template." => Ples controlar li lingual usu in ti articul e correcter it, si necessi. Si tu es cert, que li lingue es correct, ples remover ti shablon. --Sebastian (talk) 20:04, 28 novembre 2013 (UTC)

"Lingue" - of course, my mistake! Mercí por Vor traduction. The text is a little bit less explicit than mine, with why it's there.. Perhaps I'll add "Control de lingue:" before it :). (Yo vell dir och vi behöver bestämma (oss för) vilken vi ska använda in svedés. Ma ta es nequel "to" (atẗ́), quel cosa li problema ;) Maybe it's just a problem with the english.. [edit: the English language! No offence intended to anyone in the UK! ;)] ). flinga (talk) 14:08, 29 novembre 2013 (UTC)
"and we need to decide wich one to use" => och vi behöver bestämma (oss för) vilken vi ska använda => "e noi deve decider, quel noi vole usar" ;) --Makuba (talk) 00:15, 30 novembre 2013 (UTC)
Ah, mercí ;) (I guess I maybe got fooled by some English way of expression). flinga (talk) 10:35, 30 novembre 2013 (UTC)
I've added the category, and therefore also removed the template from my original message (otherwise WP:LT would be included in Control de lingue). edit: the template (now called "control de lingue") can still be seen via the links above. Improvements are welcome. flinga (talk) 14:25, 29 novembre 2013 (UTC)
Yo es tre íncontent con li categorial nómine avise por template. Avise ya significa «underrättelse, varning, advice» etc. Ma till nu yo ne ha trovat un vermen convictent alternativ proposition. Hm. --Sebastian (talk) 18:14, 2 decembre 2013 (UTC)
(Edit conflict): To be explicit we now have a category called categorie:control de lingue, where pages that may need a linguistic check will go, if the template above is added to them. If one wants to, one could check this category now and then :)
Sebastian: yes, I saw that you wrote something about that when I looked at recent changes the other day.. Kemp and Pope gives me "modelle" (mustre, specimen; tip, dessine, arangeament) for pattern (nothing for template)... fórsan álquo quam schablon in sved? flinga (talk) 18:40, 2 decembre 2013 (UTC)
Un edit-conflict in ie:WP. Wow! ;D --Sebastian (talk) 18:56, 2 decembre 2013 (UTC)
Yes ;D –flinga (talk) 18:20, 3 decembre 2013 (UTC)

Nov principal págine[modificar | redacter fonte]

Yo ha experimentat un poc e fat un proposition por un nov principal págine. Yo volet reducter li mani rubi ligamentes e trovar un plu facil structura por li págine. Li págine es orientat ye li german Wikipedia.

Ples commentar.

They are both good looking, well done! They are clear and balanced, wich is important aspects. I like the first one best perhaps, there is perhaps something about the color tone of the shadow of the second one.
What would you think about a short introductory text about how to start contributing, on the main page? I think that would be very useful (as well as perhaps a link to a page with an introductory/guiding text about Occidental, and resources on it). (In that case have an idea about what the introductory text could contain). I also think it might be good with links to resource/community pages (li trincatoria/auxilie).. On the other hand this is a little redundant, since there are already links in the top left menu.
(I've seen interface changes lately.. how has these happened? I've seen a "actual evenimentes"-link, what's the idea there?). flinga (talk) 14:15, 1 decembre 2013 (UTC)
(1) Li structura: Yes, it es important, que li págine aspecte clar e balansat. Yo pensa, que it es bon haver in li cap del págine un larg bux con li general anuncias (yo vide, que anc li sved WP have it, mem plu bell). Poy plu micri buxes con plu o minu interessant informationes: Principal categories, information pri occ in divers lingues, actual evenimentes, auxilie por usatores. To vell esser du till quar buxes. Finalmen in li ped del págine denov un larg bux quel fini li págine.
(2) Li aspecte: Mersí que tu ha indicat me li loc del styl-folie. Yo nu ha comprendet, qualmen it functiona. It es p. ex. necessi por suppresser li scrition del titul («Portal:Huvudsida», «Principal págine» etc.) Ma anc omni altri coses on posse far ta. Li styl-folie in li ie:WP es regrettabilmen gardat, yo ne posse changear it, ma li administrator posse far to, posquam noi ha attiñet un consensu.
(3) Li interfacie: Li steward ha fat un remarca, que li traduction del interfacial textus eveni che Ta yo ha un poc laborat. Chascun traduction es ta revisibil. Ma to ha solmen influentie al traduction; on ne posse for-strecar li ligament a «current events». --Sebastian (talk) 15:20, 1 decembre 2013 (UTC)
(ad 1) Ci un nov version, con quar buxes: Usator:Sebastian/Principal págine3. --Sebastian (talk) 16:48, 1 decembre 2013 (UTC)
I like that the logo has returned :) I missed it in the earlier versions ;) For (that, and) the sake of having space for introductory information, I think number 3 is best so far. flinga (talk) 17:52, 2 decembre 2013 (UTC)
Good thing with the translatewiki page :) I guess you are the one who knows wich translations are best, so I think it's good that you've looked over it. And yes, I was also wondering about that link ;) We'll just fix that later then.
(One marginal question: was "dif" just an abbrivation? It felt practical with such a short word.. ;) but if it wasn't correct, well..) flinga (talk) 18:00, 2 decembre 2013 (UTC)
O, li «dif» esset totmen bon. Mi erra, que yo changeat it. Ma it es facil reparar ti damage. :)
Principal págine: On posse addir tant nov buxes al págine, quant on vole. On posse adapter li largore del levul e del dextri columne. On posse libermen adapter li colores etc. Ma yo ne vole transprender li old avise con li principal categories. Li question es: Esque noi vole far li transition? --Sebastian (talk) 18:32, 2 decembre 2013 (UTC)
Okay, you're the one that actually knows :)
As far I'm concerned I think this would be a good change for the main page, and I'm totally fine with a launch of it. I think it's good to get rid of the old templates; better to be without the categorie-template. I can't speak for the others of course, but any change made can, like you said, be reverted :) flinga (talk) 13:12, 3 decembre 2013 (UTC)
Bon. Yo attende ancor tillque Valodnieks da me access al general styl-folie. --Sebastian (talk) 13:23, 3 decembre 2013 (UTC)
Yo es ci e apert por vor propositiones. It sembla a me que vu ambi es plu competent in li technical questiones del Wikipedia. E yo ja nu mersia vos ambi por vor bon labor por li Interlingue-Wikiedia. Valodnieks (talk) 18:12, 9 decembre 2013 (UTC)

Wiktionarium[modificar | redacter fonte]

Esque it have sense, laborar in li Occidental-Wiktionarium?

Normalmen un Wiktionarium es intentet quam collection de omni paroles in omni lingues. To es clarmen un ínattiņibil scope por li poc existent Occidentalistes. Ma esque noi posse «mis-usar» li Occidental-Wiktionarium e utilisar it por collecter li paroles de Occidental e offertar simplic traductiones a altri lingues?

Yo provat crear un exemplari articul: wikt:abandonar. --Sebastian (talk) 03:09, 1 decembre 2013 (UTC)

Yo opine que "mis-usar" li Occidental-Wiktionarum es un bon idé ;). It is also of course a question of definition if it really would be a mis-use: it is to add information to Wiktionary in an ordinary way, and that should be within the scope of the project? (And perhaps this was nothing other than what you meant, but to put the question explicitly). Yo crede it es un ínattinibil scope por li existent parlatores de svede (e probabil fórsan anc por li parlatores Anglic..), por exemple.
I think a word list in a single page is even more useful, and in (at least) enwikt they have different appendixes, with word lists etc. So I think it could be a good idea to add a word list as an appendix (for example) in iewikt (in case one has one... hint, hint ;)). A copy of an existing, old, wordlist would also fit on the Wikisource project, as well as other books to old to be copyrighted. However, there are no ie/occ-version of Wikisource, and I'm unknowing when it comes to rules regarding inclusion on Wikisource. Perhaps other-language material could be added in the en-version for example, or in another, I don't know. (One could perhaps create a ie-version, but it would be really really small and also yet another project to handle for this community..).
One could also add ie/occ-words or wordlists in enwikt, or any other wiktionary project. flinga (talk) 12:37, 1 decembre 2013 (UTC)
(I think a single-page wordlist would be useful, between Occidental and one or more other languages, simply because it would feel easier to look things up directly via your browsers search feature for example. (Or it could be copied to a local file and be searched through with whatever tool you like, grep or just your editor). flinga (talk) 12:59, 1 decembre 2013 (UTC)
Yes, anc yo pensa, que un simplic liste de paroles es plu facil consultabil. To, támen, significa, que li Wiktionarium va morir.
Li problema pri copyrights es, que Occidental es ancor tro jun. ;) --Sebastian (talk) 15:25, 1 decembre 2013 (UTC)

@flinga: «I think a word list in a single page is even more useful […] So I think it could be a good idea to add a word list as an appendix (for example) in iewikt (in case one has one... hint, hint ;)). – Esque tu have in mente alquó simil a to: Usator:Sebastian/liste en-ie? Un tal liste es rapidmen compilabil, ma yo ne save, esque it es tre util. --Sebastian (talk) 19:44, 1 decembre 2013 (UTC)

Yes, it posse esset usabil, por exemple por un curs de Memrise crear :). Ma yo ha videt que(?) vu anc ha laborat a un altri liste..? :)
Or.. is it actually a problem with copyright for the really old works? It shoudl depend on the nation where the book was made, but.. I think about works from the 1920's or so, would they not be okay..? flinga (talk) 17:42, 2 decembre 2013 (UTC)
In Germania li jures es ligat al person, ne al ovre. Pro to, on comensa calcular li témpore desde li morte del autore, índependent del date del publication. Ma ne, yo ne time problemas con copyrightes. Li «altri liste» es li Radicarium Directiv. Ma in it manca comprensibilmen mult modern paroles quam computer, internet, e-mail, e-book, USB-stick. E it es in li direction Occ->altri lingues e ne apt por automatic sercha de un parol in un del altri lingues. :-/ --Sebastian (talk) 19:04, 2 decembre 2013 (UTC)
It es mult plu bon quam null liste de paroles :) E it es un bon prim passu (e interresant in it self(hmm...), ancor si it ne es modern). (Personally, I've tailored a version of the Kemp e Pope dictionary for looking up words from English to Occidental, but I don't really have anything for the other way around. If I may say so myself, my formatting of the dictionary is quite handy, and could perhaps be published somewhere :)).
(If one would like to make a searchable dictionary, I saw some idist-site the other day where someone had made an online searchable ido-dictionary. Perhaps we could ask to use the same resourses some way or the other. But that's quite a large project).
And you're probably right about the copyright, or I mean: probably it works just like in German law in many places, with some differences... didn't think about it too close. flinga (talk) 13:28, 3 decembre 2013 (UTC)
De Valodnieks yo recivet un version de Kemp-Pope in textual formate. Yo ha scrit un provisori PHP-scripte por transformar it in un HTML-liste, ma in li secuent semane, quande yo va haver plu mult liber témpore, yo va ancor abellar it un poc e addir it quam appendice al Wiktionarium. --Sebastian (talk) 11:13, 6 decembre 2013 (UTC)
Bon! It es cirka tam bon quam mi liste. With adding a colon when searching for a word, one can easier find the right match. In my version I have a - instead, which also gets the job tone. I also have added anchor links to each letter in the alphabet (and some minor formatting), which is strictly not necessary.. I have made mine into an ordinary HTML file, and I originally based it on the open document version that can be found on the pbworks site (since that was the one that seemed to be most correct, and easiest to copy. There was a clean text version that I found on, but that one unfortunatly displayed á and í as a and i, and so on).
It seems as our files also contains the same errors that I've found while working with it :) There is one "wipe" word that probably should be "wife", and "catgh" should probably be "catch" :) 15:13, 6 decembre 2013 (UTC)
(Feels like I miss to log in so often these days...). flinga (talk) 15:15, 6 decembre 2013 (UTC)

Liste de Swadesh[modificar | redacter fonte]

Yo ha fat un liste de parolas de Swadesh (con un automatic scrite) in li anglesi Wiktionary. Li liste es ci: en:Appendix:Interlingue Swadesh list, ma it besona corectiones e fórsan [some cleaning up].

Li lista posse esser un bon ressurse por far liste de paroles por saventie, p. ex. por págines simil

Noone is any way obligued to do anything, but help is of course very welcome :) flinga (talk) 14:19, 3 decembre 2013 (UTC)

Till nu yo ne conosset li Swadeshic liste. Si tu sercha un dictionarium, tu posse anc contactar Valodnieks. Il ha forsan un plu bon superregarde super li attiņibil resurses quam yo. --Sebastian (talk) 14:59, 3 decembre 2013 (UTC)
Mercí! Yo vell probabil far to, finalmen.. :) flinga (talk) 18:56, 3 decembre 2013 (UTC)
Yo constructet un micrissim liste anglés-Occidental ta. Esque to es principialmen li just maniere?
Anc ti liste deve esser controlat de un anglese, e on mey admixter li Swadesh-liste.
Céterli, in quel formate es li dictionarium, quel tu usa, flinga? --Makuba (talk) 19:27, 4 decembre 2013 (UTC)
Yo crede it sembla bon! In any case that's a small word list that might be useful. Is it based on anything in particular? (There is a list of 850 basic english words, I associated to that a bit..).
Yo have un exemplare li Kemp e Pope dictionarium, in formate de HTML :) flinga (talk) 17:16, 6 decembre 2013 (UTC)
Yo prendet un basic vocabularium de anglés, quel yo trovat, con traductiones in german. In contrast al nud Odgen-liste, it contene alquel exemples del usu e distin’et divers sensus del paroles.
Esque tu vole addir tu HTML-liste quam appendice al Wiktionarium? Ta posse participar pluri persones in li amelioration de it. :) --Sebastian (talk) 19:04, 6 decembre 2013 (UTC)
It has (at least almost) exactly the same content as the php list above :) I'm not sure it would be ok to include? Otherwise thats a good idea!
One thing that would be quite easy to do, and ok copyright-wise, would be to import the Swadesh list from enwikt as an appendix to iewikt. It would also be quite easaly feasible to add translations of it to other languages as well. Just another idea. flinga (talk) 13:19, 10 decembre 2013 (UTC)
Yes, ma li Swadesh-liste ne semlba me un tre util cose. It contene solmen un limitat númere de paroles. In facte, it ya es creat pro un altri motivation. Li Kemp-Pope-dictionarium sembla me sat amplex e pro to util, o ne? --Sebastiano (talk) 12:37, 13 decembre 2013 (UTC)
Yes, it es plu util (dependent de li usage), e yo vell posser addir it. Ma yo es incerten pri li jure editorial pri un dictionarium. Yo resercha it nu :) flinga (talk) 13:14, 16 decembre 2013 (UTC)

Administrative questions[modificar | redacter fonte]

Message copied from usator discussion:flinga:

Sebastian told me you want a change in the help forum. Where can I find it and what should I change? Valodnieks (talk) 20:48, 9 decembre 2013 (UTC)

Hi Valodnieks. I can't remember anything about exactly the help pages, so I'm not sure what Sebastian meant. I've wanted a deletion of a page without content (Auxilie:Trics e concilies), but I fixed that with a redirect instead. I've also suggested a merge of the two current help pages, but this could mostly be done without admin rights (unless we need to move the history of a page, or move a page to a place where it currently is a redirect). I'm not very clear about how this usually is done and there is no hurry really :)
But there are other things, we have had some discussions [here] on li Trincatoria.. The links in the top left menu would need to be updated, if that can be done. First of all, Wikipedia:Auxilie is currently called Auxilie:Auxilie. We also seem to agree that the "actual evenimentes" link could be removed until needed. And I'd say that a link to li Trincatoria should also be good somewhere in the top left menu, not at the top of the menu, but high up, I would prefer. flinga (talk) 13:12, 10 decembre 2013 (UTC)
Maybe we can start to write current events like big Wikipedias have. I agree that the trincatoria should be on the left of the head page. How can I change the left column of the front page? How shall we merge the help pages? Valodnieks (talk) 18:11, 11 decembre 2013 (UTC)
It's a lot of work and there is a risk it won't be updated.. Personally I wouldn't do this, (and even advice against) since I think it's better with content that wont risc looking old and outdated. If one wants to give it a try, it can be done even after removal of the link :) Honestly I don't yet know where it can be done :)
A merge can be done with cut-and-paste and a note in the edit log, without administrative measures. It's the easier method. Sometimes people wants to move or merge the whole history of one or two articles, for.. some reason, in order for it to be totally "correct", I suppose, or for even better transparency. But I can't really see why the easy method would not be enough. flinga (talk) 23:29, 11 decembre 2013 (UTC)
The sidebar should be located at, I think. It seems to be deleted right now, but it still has content, oddly enough... I suppose one can copy the current text located on the linked page, create a new page with required changes, and see what happens :) flinga (talk) 14:38, 12 decembre 2013 (UTC)

I only now see this discussion. Valodnieks, yo intentet dir, que flinga vole un change in li levul pannel, yo ne parlat pri li fore de auxilie. --Sebastiano (talk) 12:40, 13 decembre 2013 (UTC)

Valodnieks, what about Common.css? I asked about it the first time on december 2nd. Now it's more then ten days later and still nothing moved. As an administrator it is your duty to take measures or to tell me, if you don't want to follow my request. But you simply can't do nothing! --Sebastian (talk) 15:01, 13 decembre 2013 (UTC)

I told you Sebastian that I am not so familiar with the technical issues and it needs time for me to get into, which I don't have in such an extent. Best would be if one of you would become co-administrator and I have no problem also to step down as administrator. My main focus here is to write articles and to interfere in cases of vandalism or necessary changes at front page etc. So I offer you to take the job and my resignation as it seems you and Flinga have a lot of technical ideas I can not realize due to lack of time and knowledge. The Interlingue Wikipedia had for years not any active administrator as the persons who created it were not any more present. Valodnieks (talk) 11:19, 14 decembre 2013 (UTC)

Nein, nein, nein, darum geht's doch gar nicht. Wir hatten, wenn ich mich recht erinnere, aber vor ein paar Tagen ausgemacht, dass du das CSS-Skript unter Usator:Sebastian/common.css (über Copy+Paste) auf MediaWiki:Common.css kopierst. Das nimmt keine fünf Minuten Zeit in Anspruch und braucht auch kein technisches Wissen. --Sebastian (talk) 13:55, 14 decembre 2013 (UTC)
Well.. we're all doing this as a hobby, and I've heard it said that (therefore) noone has any duties. The administrative position means access to a set of tools, and users that can be trusted and may have regular use for such tools are suitable to have these. I don't find anything wrong with having more administrators.. (the more the merrier?), which could perhaps resolve some issues? flinga (talk) 00:36, 15 decembre 2013 (UTC)
What do you mean by I’ve heard it said that ...?
I don’t think a WP with three to four active editors needs more than one admin. The only problem now is that the MediaWiki namespace is protected, so I can’t change the additional style-sheet in MediaWiki:Common.css by myself. I wrote a personal style-sheet at Usator:Sebastian/common.css to test whether the designed new Main page is correctly rendered. After I got it to work properly, the only thing left to do is to past it into the page in the MediaWiki namespace. This has to be done by an admin (or an interface editor) and doesn’t demand a high level of technical knowledge, it’s just copy’n’paste. --Sebastian (talk) 03:55, 15 decembre 2013 (UTC)
I meant that I've often heard (rather read) people state that, on the Wikipedia version I come from. No users (admins or non-admins) has real duties. I toned it down a bit since opinions on that may differ, and we do not yet have much of a consensus here.
I don't know if there is any harm in more admins, or temporary ones. Two is better than none, and it's good to have backups. I agree that copying the css text isn't technically complicated. flinga (talk) 14:59, 15 decembre 2013 (UTC)
At the beginning of the Interlingue Wikipedia it seems there were two or three admins. So it would be great if we have second one. If you would do it Flinga it would be great and I would be thankful, especially as we need someone for the technical affairs. It would be no problem that you are still learning Interlingue. So I encourage you to become admin. Valodnieks (talk) 18:28, 15 decembre 2013 (UTC)
I guess I could do some administrative tasks. I'll have to reserve (?) myself for that I haven't got any previous administrative experince (but it would be interesting to get), and that I cannot guarantee my level of activity on Wikipedia in the near future. I do not know if this is a role I would like to have permanently, so in that case I'd prefer a shorter appointment (perhaps in another role, as interface editor mentioned above, or something similar). I should be able to lend a hand with some tasks, though.
In my opinion I would think that Sebastian would be a good extra administrator as well, in case he would like. flinga (talk) 13:01, 16 decembre 2013 (UTC)
As I wrote earlier, I don't think this WP needs another admin, because there is not much work to do. I don't think we have to turn half of the active contributors into admins. :)
The only thing I ask for is to copy the content of the style sheet. I repeat it: it costs less than five minutes and requires virtually no technical knowledge. I don't understand what causes such big problems that a second admin is thought to be necessary. --Sebastian (talk) 14:17, 16 decembre 2013 (UTC)
I agree: if you know how to copy and paste text it should not be difficult. But Valodnieks, you could perhaps unlock MediaWiki:Common.css for a short time? That way we could edit it. I'm not sure that it is possible, but if it is it should be easy. flinga (talk) 17:37, 22 decembre 2013 (UTC)
Valodnieks and I tried this. He restored MediaWiki:Common.css. (It was deleted some years ago.) But we saw than that every page in the MediaWiki namespace is automatically locked (and unlockable), so that it only can be changed by an admin. Valodnieks than proposed to me to "take over" his admin account for a short time to do the necessary changes. But as I don't like to use someone others account, I suggested to prepare the text for him to copy into the MediaWiki page. Now the text is ready (on Usator:Sebastian/common.css), but I don't receive any reaction from Valodnieks.
In the past days I came to the conclusion that, if it really presents such an obstacle to Valodnieks to copy the text and past it onto the page in the MediaWiki namespace, we could do with the help of a second admin. But this should be done in a new section of the tavern to give people the possibility to make objections and it will need some more time. --Sebastian (talk) 15:51, 23 decembre 2013 (UTC)
Yes. If that is the case than something like that would have to be done to make this change. I would trust you with being a second admin, Sebastian, not the least if it's a temporary position. Another solution could be to make you an interface editor, according to the above. If you, hypothetically, would make strange changes (which I strongly doubt), Valodnieks could stop you.. and in that case we may not need any long discussion on beforehand. One could also have this as a temporary position. Just another suggestion. flinga (talk) 16:23, 23 decembre 2013 (UTC)

Flinga as Co-Administrator[modificar | redacter fonte]

I would like to have a co-administrator for the technical issues in this Wikipedia. I propose Flinga for this task after Sebastian has noticed me that he has no intention to do anything in the future for Interlingue and has deleted all his contributions in the internet for Interlingue Valodnieks (talk) 08:22, 4 januar 2014 (UTC)

It is saddening to hear about Sebastian withdrawing, just wanted to say that before anything else. I'll get back later. flinga (talk) 13:47, 4 januar 2014 (UTC)
It is not true that I have no intention to do anything in the future for Interlingue. But, to prevent tiresome discussions, I will try not to use the language in public. I deleted the content of the because of complaints I did receive (from different persons). The intention is to prevent issues the complaining persons made. The content is still available, e. g. via --Sebastian (talk) 16:47, 4 januar 2014 (UTC)
My offer to Flinga as co-administrator is still valid. Flinga, please think about it. Valodnieks (talk) 10:55, 6 januar 2014 (UTC)
Sorry that I haven't answered for such a long time. Other things have just come in between... It might also be so that I'll be less active here in the near future, as well as in Wikipedia in general. I'm also mostly involved i meta-activity here, and still on a low level of knowledge regarding interlingue/occidental (and currently quite inactive when it comes to language learning). With that said, I could assist with trying to handle some administrative tasks, at least now and then for a limited period of time to start with. I just don't want to promise too much. That is of course if I have the trust of our little community. I also want to add that I enjoy when I can contribute something to one of the smallest language versions as this is :) flinga (talk) 19:34, 19 januar 2014 (UTC)
Thank you for your reply, Flinga. It would be very useful if you can help me with technical issues. For this the knowledge of Interlingue is not necessary, although I guess you understand the language. You know Wikipedia much better than me and so your help would be very important. So how is the procedure to propose you as co-admin? Valodnieks (talk) 11:04, 22 januar 2014 (UTC)

Mover de págines/Redirection of pages[modificar | redacter fonte]

In ti Wikipedia quelc págines esset scrit sub un fals titul. Quelcvez es usat paroles queles ne es Interlingue. Yo ha comensat mover tal págines a corect titules. Si vu vide tal págines queles es scrit sub un fals titul ples informar me. (In this Wikipedia some pages were written under a wrong title. Sometimes words were used which are not Interlingue. I have started to move such pages to the correct title. If you see pages which are written under a wrong title please inform me. Valodnieks (talk) 09:00, 4 januar 2014 (UTC)

Liste del movet págines[modificar | redacter fonte]

Vandalisme e spam[modificar | redacter fonte]

Si vu vide un atacca de vandalisme o articules es scrit solmen quam spam, ples informar me. Yo va strax reacter. (If you see vandalism attacks or articles which have been written as spam, please inform me. I will immediately react) Valodnieks (talk) 09:04, 4 januar 2014 (UTC)

Request for comment on Commons: Should Wikimedia support MP4 video?[modificar | redacter fonte]

I apologize for this message being only in English. Please translate it if needed to help your community.

The Wikimedia Foundation's multimedia team seeks community guidance on a proposal to support the MP4 video format. This digital video standard is used widely around the world to record, edit and watch videos on mobile phones, desktop computers and home video devices. It is also known as H.264/MPEG-4 or AVC.

Supporting the MP4 format would make it much easier for our users to view and contribute video on Wikipedia and Wikimedia projects -- and video files could be offered in dual formats on our sites, so we could continue to support current open formats (WebM and Ogg Theora).

However, MP4 is a patent-encumbered format, and using a proprietary format would be a departure from our current practice of only supporting open formats on our sites -- even though the licenses appear to have acceptable legal terms, with only a small fee required.

We would appreciate your guidance on whether or not to support MP4. Our Request for Comments presents views both in favor and against MP4 support, based on opinions we’ve heard in our discussions with community and team members.

Please join this RfC -- and share your advice.

All users are welcome to participate, whether you are active on Commons, Wikipedia, other Wikimedia project -- or any site that uses content from our free media repository.

You are also welcome to join tomorrow's Office hours chat on IRC, this Thursday, January 16, at 19:00 UTC, if you would like to discuss this project with our team and other community members.

We look forward to a constructive discussion with you, so we can make a more informed decision together on this important topic. Keegan (WMF) (talk) 06:47, 16 januar 2014 (UTC)

VisualEditor update[modificar | redacter fonte]

Hello. Please excuse the English. I would be grateful if you can translate this message!

VisualEditor is coming to this project on February 10th. (We had announced an earlier date, but had to delay) VisualEditor is software in development to allow people to edit pages in MediaWiki without needing to learn wikitext syntax (like typing [[ and ]] to link to another page). It is already available and in use on some Wikipedia projects. Please see mw:Help:VisualEditor/FAQ for more information.

When this software arrives, you will have the option to use it or to use the current wikitext editor. When you press "edit", you will get the new VisualEditor software. To use the wikitext editor, you can press "edit source". For more information about how to use VisualEditor, see mw:Help:VisualEditor/User guide.

We hope that this software will be useful to people in your community, and we can really use your help to make it better! Please let us know if you find any problems. If you're willing and able, please report the issue in Bugzilla in the "VisualEditor" product. If you would prefer not, please explain the issue you found on the central feedback page on If you notice major issues impacting your project, we would appreciate it if you could let us know directly. Please leave a note on my talk page or, if it’s an emergency, like an unexpected bug causing widespread issues, reach out to James Forrester, the Product Manager, at for immediate attention.

If you have time, please test the new editor before it is deployed. This would let us know about any serious issues specific to this Wikipedia before the rollout. To enable VisualEditor now, go to your "Beta" tab, and select "VisualEditor".

We would also appreciate help with translation with the pages about VisualEditor here and on, and its user interface. See VisualEditor TranslationCentral for general information.

Thank you, and happy editing! --PEarley (WMF) (talk) 18:57, 5 februar 2014 (UTC)

VisualEditor Office Hours[modificar | redacter fonte]

I apologize for writing in English. Please help translate this message.

I just wanted to let you know, so you could mark your calendars if interested, that there are two IRC office hours scheduled to discuss VisualEditor in February.

The first will be held on Saturday, 15 February at 1700 UTC and the second will be held on Sunday, 16 February at 00:00 UTC. (See meta for time conversion links.)

Logs will be posted on meta after each office hour completes. You'll find them, along with logs for older office hours on the topic, at Category:VisualEditor_office_hours_logs.

Please see the IRC office hours page on meta for more information on how to join in.

Thanks! Keegan (WMF) (talk) 05:27, 12 februar 2014 (UTC)

Thank you for the information! Mersí pro li information! Valodnieks (talk) 19:00, 13 februar 2014 (UTC)

Universal Language Selector will be enabled by default again on this wiki by 21 February 2014[modificar | redacter fonte]

On January 21 2014 the MediaWiki extension Universal Language Selector (ULS) was disabled on this wiki. A new preference was added for logged-in users to turn on ULS. This was done to prevent slow loading of pages due to ULS webfonts, a behaviour that had been observed by the Wikimedia Technical Operations team on some wikis.

We are now ready to enable ULS again. The temporary preference to enable ULS will be removed. A new checkbox has been added to the Language Panel to enable/disable font delivery. This will be unchecked by default for this wiki, but can be selected at any time by the users to enable webfonts. This is an interim solution while we improve the feature of webfonts delivery.

You can read the announcement and the development plan for more information. Apologies for writing this message only in English. Thank you. Runa

Amendment to the Terms of Use[modificar | redacter fonte]

Call for project ideas: funding is available for community experiments[modificar | redacter fonte]

IEG key blue.png

I apologize if this message is not in your language. Please help translate it.

Do you have an idea for a project that could improve your community? Individual Engagement Grants from the Wikimedia Foundation help support individuals and small teams to organize experiments for 6 months. You can get funding to try out your idea for online community organizing, outreach, tool-building, or research to help make Wikipedia better. In March, we’re looking for new project proposals.

Examples of past Individual Engagement Grant projects:

Proposals are due by 31 March 2014. There are a number of ways to get involved!

Hope to have your participation,

--Siko Bouterse, Head of Individual Engagement Grants, Wikimedia Foundation 19:44, 28 februar 2014 (UTC)

Proposed optional changes to Terms of Use amendment[modificar | redacter fonte]

Hello all, in response to some community comments in the discussion on the amendment to the Terms of Use on undisclosed paid editing, we have prepared two optional changes. Please read about these optional changes on Meta wiki and share your comments. If you can (and this is a non english project), please translate this announcement. Thanks! Slaporte (WMF) 21:56, 13 marte 2014 (UTC)

Catalan Culture Challenge[modificar | redacter fonte]

I apologize if this message is not in your language. Please help translate it.

The Catalan-speaking world... Want to find out more? From March 16 to April 15 we will organise the Catalan Culture Challenge, a Wikipedia editing contest in which victory will go to those who start and improve the greatest number of articles about 50 key figures of Catalan culture. You can take part by creating or expanding articles on these people in your native language (or any other one you speak). It would be lovely to have you on board. :-)

We look forward to seeing you!

Amical Wikimedia--Kippelboy (talk) 17:37, 15 marte 2014 (UTC)

Changes to the default site typography coming soon[modificar | redacter fonte]

This week, the typography on Wikimedia sites will be updated for all readers and editors who use the default "Vector" skin. This change will involve new serif fonts for some headings, small tweaks to body content fonts, text size, text color, and spacing between elements. The schedule is:

  • April 1st: non-Wikipedia projects will see this change live
  • April 3rd: Wikipedias will see this change live

This change is very similar to the "Typography Update" Beta Feature that has been available on Wikimedia projects since November 2013. After several rounds of testing and with feedback from the community, this Beta Feature will be disabled and successful aspects enabled in the default site appearance. Users who are logged in may still choose to use another skin, or alter their personal CSS, if they prefer a different appearance. Local common CSS styles will also apply as normal, for issues with local styles and scripts that impact all users.

For more information:

-- Steven Walling (Product Manager) on behalf of the Wikimedia Foundation's User Experience Design team

IMPORTANT: Admin activity review[modificar | redacter fonte]

Hello. A new policy regarding the removal of "advanced rights" (administrator, bureaucrat, etc) was recently adopted by global community consensus (your community received a notice about the discussion). According to this policy, the stewards are reviewing administrators' activity on smaller wikis. To the best of our knowledge, your wiki does not have a formal process for removing "advanced rights" from inactive accounts. This means that the stewards will take care of this according to the new admin activity review here.

We have determined that the following users meet the inactivity criteria (no edits and no log actions for more than 2 years):

  1. Dana (administrator)

These users will receive a notification soon, asking them to start a community discussion if they want to retain some or all of their rights. If the users do not respond, then their advanced rights will be removed by the stewards.

However, if you as a community would like to create your own activity review process superseding the global one, want to make another decision about these inactive rights holders, or already have a policy that we missed, then please notify the stewards on Meta-Wiki so that we know not to proceed with the rights review on your wiki. Thanks, Rschen7754 20:45, 7 april 2014 (UTC)

No one needs free knowledge in Esperanto[modificar | redacter fonte]

There is a current discussion on German Wikipedia on a decision of Asaf Bartov, Head of WMF Grants and Global South Partnerships, Wikimedia Foundation, who rejected a request for funding a proposal from wikipedians from eowiki one year ago with the explanation the existence, cultivation, and growth of the Esperanto Wikipedia does not advance our educational mission. No one needs free knowledge in Esperanto. On meta there has also started a discussion about that decision. --Holder (talk) 10:06, 5 may 2014 (UTC)

Media Viewer[modificar | redacter fonte]

Greetings, my apologies for writing in English.

I wanted to let you know that Media Viewer will be released to this wiki in the coming weeks. Media Viewer allows readers of Wikimedia projects to have an enhanced view of files without having to visit the file page, but with more detail than a thumbnail. You can try Media Viewer out now by turning it on in your Beta Features. If you do not enjoy Media Viewer or if it interferes with your work after it is turned on you will be able to disable Media Viewer as well in your preferences. I invite you to share what you think about Media Viewer and how it can be made better in the future.

Thank you for your time. - Keegan (WMF) 21:29, 23 may 2014 (UTC)

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Using only UploadWizard for uploads[modificar | redacter fonte]

Wikimedia Commons logo

Hello! Sorry for writing in English. It was noted that on this wiki upload is not fully functional for users, who will experience a very difficult and/or illegal uploading. In fact, the licenses/copyright tags dropdown is empty, making it hard or impossible to comply with copyright requirements during upload itself.

Presumably, you don't have interest nor energies to have hundreds templates with the now required HTML, even less a local EDP. I propose to have

so that you can avoid local maintenance and all users can have a functioning, easy upload interface in their own language. All registered users can upload on Commons and existing files will not be affected.

All this will get done around 2014-07-03.

  1. If you disagree with the proposal, just remove your wiki from the list. Remember also to create MediaWiki:Licenses locally with any content (see a simple example), or uploads will be soon disabled anyway by MediaWiki itself (starting in version 1.24wmf11).
  2. To make the UploadWizard even better, please tell your experience and ideas on commons:Commons:Upload Wizard feedback.

Nemo 13:09, 19 junio 2014 (UTC)

Media Viewer is now live on this wiki[modificar | redacter fonte]

Media Viewer lets you see images in larger size

Greetings— and sorry for writing in English, please translate if it will help your community,

The Wikimedia Foundation's Multimedia team is happy to announce that Media Viewer was just released on this site today.

Media Viewer displays images in larger size when you click on their thumbnails, to provide a better viewing experience. Users can now view images faster and more clearly, without having to jump to separate pages — and its user interface is more intuitive, offering easy access to full-resolution images and information, with links to the file repository for editing. The tool has been tested extensively across all Wikimedia wikis over the past six months as a Beta Feature and has been released to the largest Wikipedias, all language Wikisources, and the English Wikivoyage already.

If you do not like this feature, you can easily turn it off by clicking on "Disable Media Viewer" at the bottom of the screen, pulling up the information panel (or in your your preferences) whether you have an account or not. Learn more in this Media Viewer Help page.

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments about Media Viewer. You are invited to share your feedback in this discussion on in any language, to help improve this feature. You are also welcome to take this quick survey in English, en français, o español.

We hope you enjoy Media Viewer. Many thanks to all the community members who helped make it possible. - Fabrice Florin (WMF) (talk) 21:54, 19 junio 2014 (UTC)

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Help for translate[modificar | redacter fonte]

Hello and sorry for writing in English. Can anyone help me translate a small article (2 paragraphs) from English to your language and create the article in your wiki? Please, fell free to answer in my talk page in your wiki anytime. Thanks! Xaris333 (talk) 23:42, 12 august 2014 (UTC)

English Article[modificar | redacter fonte]

The article about Occidental language on the English Wikepedia has multiple unsourced/unrefrenced claims. Would you be be able to help find refrences for the claims in the aricle? ThanksNaytz (talk) 00:35, 21 august 2014 (UTC)

Letter petitioning WMF to reverse recent decisions[modificar | redacter fonte]

The Wikimedia Foundation recently created a new feature, "superprotect" status. The purpose is to prevent pages from being edited by elected administrators -- but permitting WMF staff to edit them. It has been put to use in only one case: to protect the deployment of the Media Viewer software on German Wikipedia, in defiance of a clear decision of that community to disable the feature by default, unless users decide to enable it.

If you oppose these actions, please add your name to this letter. If you know non-Wikimedians who support our vision for the free sharing of knowledge, and would like to add their names to the list, please ask them to sign an identical version of the letter on

-- JurgenNL (talk) 17:35, 21 august 2014 (UTC)

Process ideas for software development[modificar | redacter fonte]

’’My apologies for writing in English.’’


I am notifying you that a brainstorming session has been started on Meta to help the Wikimedia Foundation increase and better affect community participation in software development across all wiki projects. Basically, how can you be more involved in helping to create features on Wikimedia projects? We are inviting all interested users to voice their ideas on how communities can be more involved and informed in the product development process at the Wikimedia Foundation. It would be very appreciated if you could translate this message to help inform your local communities as well.

I and the rest of my team welcome you to participate. We hope to see you on Meta.

Kind regards, -- Rdicerb (WMF) talk 22:15, 21 august 2014 (UTC)

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Grants to improve your project[modificar | redacter fonte]

Apologies for English. Please help translate this message.

Greetings! The Individual Engagement Grants program is accepting proposals for funding new experiments from September 1st to 30th. Your idea could improve Wikimedia projects with a new tool or gadget, a better process to support community-building on your wiki, research on an important issue, or something else we haven't thought of yet. Whether you need $200 or $30,000 USD, Individual Engagement Grants can cover your own project development time in addition to hiring others to help you.

VisualEditor available on Internet Explorer 11[modificar | redacter fonte]


VisualEditor will become available to users of Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 during today's regular software update. Support for some earlier versions of Internet Explorer is being worked on. If you encounter problems with VisualEditor on Internet Explorer, please contact the Editing team by leaving a message at VisualEditor/Feedback on Happy editing, Elitre (WMF) 07:29, 11 septembre 2014 (UTC).

PS. Please subscribe to the global monthly newsletter to receive further news about VisualEditor.

Meta RfCs on two new global groups[modificar | redacter fonte]

Hello all,

There are currently requests for comment open on meta to create two new global groups. The first is a group for members of the OTRS permissions queue, which would grant them autopatrolled rights on all wikis except those who opt-out. That proposal can be found at m:Requests for comment/Creation of a global OTRS-permissions user group. The second is a group for Wikimedia Commons admins and OTRS agents to view deleted file pages through the 'viewdeletedfile' right on all wikis except those who opt-out. The second proposal can be found at m:Requests for comment/Global file deletion review.

We would like to hear what you think on both proposals. Both are in English; if you wanted to translate them into your native language that would also be appreciated.

It is possible for individual projects to opt-out, so that users in those groups do not have any additional rights on those projects. To do this please start a local discussion, and if there is consensus you can request to opt-out of either or both at m:Stewards' noticeboard.

Thanks and regards, Ajraddatz (talk) 18:04, 26 octobre 2014 (UTC)

Languages in censuses[modificar | redacter fonte]

Hello, Dear wikipedians. I invite you to edit and improve this article and to add information about your and other country.--Kaiyr (talk) 11:44, 31 octobre 2014 (UTC)

New Wikipedia Library Accounts Now Available (November 2014)[modificar | redacter fonte]

Apologies for writing in English, please help translate this into your local language. Hello Wikimedians!

The TWL OWL says sign up today :)

The Wikipedia Library is announcing signups today for, free, full-access accounts to published research as part of our Publisher Donation Program. You can sign up for:

  • DeGruyter: 1000 new accounts for English and German-language research. Sign up on one of two language Wikipedias:
  • Fold3: 100 new accounts for American history and military archives
  • Scotland's People: 100 new accounts for Scottish genealogy database
  • British Newspaper Archive: expanded by 100+ accounts for British newspapers
  • Highbeam: 100+ remaining accounts for newspaper and magazine archives
  • Questia: 100+ remaining accounts for journal and social science articles
  • JSTOR: 100+ remaining accounts for journal archives

Do better research and help expand the use of high quality references across Wikipedia projects: sign up today!
--The Wikipedia Library Team.23:19, 5 novembre 2014 (UTC)

You can host and coordinate signups for a Wikipedia Library branch in your own language. Please contact Ocaasi (WMF).
This message was delivered via the Global Mass Message to The Wikipedia Library Global Delivery List.

Global AbuseFilter[modificar | redacter fonte]


AbuseFilter is a MediaWiki extension used to detect likely abusive behavior patterns, like pattern vandalism and spam. In 2013, Global AbuseFilters were enabled on a limited set of wikis including Meta-Wiki,, Wikispecies and (in early 2014) all the "small wikis". Recently, global abuse filters were enabled on "medium sized wikis" as well. These filters are currently managed by stewards on Meta-Wiki and have shown to be very effective in preventing mass spam attacks across Wikimedia projects. However, there is currently no policy on how the global AbuseFilters will be managed although there are proposals. There is an ongoing request for comment on policy governing the use of the global AbuseFilters. In the meantime, specific wikis can opt out of using the global AbuseFilter. These wikis can simply add a request to this list on Meta-Wiki. More details can be found on this page at Meta-Wiki. If you have any questions, feel free to ask on m:Talk:Global AbuseFilter.


PiRSquared17, Glaisher

— 17:36, 14 novembre 2014 (UTC)

New Wikipedia Library Accounts Now Available (December 2014)[modificar | redacter fonte]

Apologies for writing in English, please help translate this into your local language. Hello Wikimedians!

The TWL OWL says sign up today :)

The Wikipedia Library is announcing signups today for, free, full-access accounts to published research as part of our Publisher Donation Program. You can sign up for new accounts and research materials from:

Other partnerships with accounts available are listed on our partners page. Do better research and help expand the use of high quality references across Wikipedia projects: sign up today!
--The Wikipedia Library Team.00:22, 18 decembre 2014 (UTC)

You can host and coordinate signups for a Wikipedia Library branch in your own language. Please contact Ocaasi (WMF).
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