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Brittany Renee Finamore es un actressa del Unit States de America. Ella nascet in li annu 1981 e es activ quam actressa desde li annu 1996.

Filmografie[modificar | redacter fonte]

Film[modificar | redacter fonte]

Annu Film Rol
2009 Forget Me Not (2009 film) Angela Smith
2008 High School Musical 3: Senior Year Ashley Appleton
2008 Pulse 3: Invasion Justine
2008 Babysitters Beware Janelle
2009 Nowhere to Hide Kimmy Crane
2001 Things Behind the Sun Yun Sherry

Television[modificar | redacter fonte]

Annu Serie Episode(s) Rol
2007 Cory in the House Lip Service Jennifer Covington
2005 Life on a Stick Fish Song Susan
2004 Strong Medicine Body Mass Increase Olivia
2004 Gilmore Girls Afterboom Shannon
2002–2003 Malcolm in the Middle (diversi) Alison
2003 Judging Amy Sixteen Going on Seventeen Lila Padgett
1999 Another World (TV serie) ? Charlotte 'Charlie' Frame Winthrop #4
1998 A Will of Their Own ? Amanda
1996 New York Crossing
aka Un Angelo a New York
? Campbell

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