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Benevenit al Ambassade de Interlingue!
On posse trova auxilie por parlatores de altri lingues ci!

Benevenit al Wikimedia-Ambassade de Wikipedia Interlingue! Nam li Wikimedia Foundation directe mult wikis in mult lingues, ti paginá posse assister suporte e coordination trans diferent wikis. Ambassadores possse contacter se sur su personal paginás de discussion, por auxilie con develepation de e al problemas con relation al ti-ci Wikipedia.

Welcome to the Interlingue Wikimedia Embassy! Since the Wikimedia Foundation runs hundreds of wikis in different languages, this page is available for cross-wiki support and coordination in languages other than Interlingue. Ambassadors can be messaged on their personal talk pages for help on the development of and problems relating to this Wikipedia.

Ambassadores[redacter fonte]