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Welcome! Benevenit[redacter fonte]

Welcome or benevenit to the Interlingue Wikipedia!

Maybe you don't speak Interlingue, but you will certainly understand it without ever learning it!

Why a Wikipedia in a nearly nowadays relative unknown constructed language?[redacter fonte]

Interlingue or as it was earlier called Occidental can easiely be understood by every speaker of any roman language and by every educated person. It is very easy to learn for everybody. So a Wikipedia in this language makes sense.

What is Interlingue (Occidental)?[redacter fonte]

Interlingue is a constructed language. Interlingue was published under the name Occidental after 30 years of work by the Baltic German scientist Edgar de Wahl in the year 1922. De Wahl was a former early follower of Esperanto, and Volapük before that. After several years of work on trying to solve the problem of an ideal international auxililary language, he created Occidental. After the Second World War it was renamed Interlingue.

He created a language which is really international. It is immediately understandable, flexible and expressive. The grammar of Interlingue is very simple and minimalistic. Interlingue is therefore naturalistic at the same time as it is regular, and in that way it is a unique constructed language.

Interlingue (Occidental) today[redacter fonte]

Even today Interlingue exists and with the help of the internet it has a renaissance. There is still an active international federation called Interlingue Union, the official Interlingue journal Cosmoglotta, an active Interlingue Yahoo Group and a Interlingue facebook group, a regular Skype Chat and numerous websites around the world created by friends of this constructed language.

Please contribute![redacter fonte]

The Interlingue Wikipedia was created in 2004. Since some sleepy years it is now developing quickly. But much help is needed. You can find resouces here for looking up words of Interlingue. Any help and contribution is welcome! If you are uncertain about the language, please note it in the discussion section of your article.

Mersí and thank you for your interest in the Interlingue Wikipedia! Feel free to post any question in the discussion sections!